The challenge

Around the world, around the wo-o-rld [sing and repeat x4]. That was, and still is, the ambition of the booking site Travelbricks, part of a large international travel network. Could we them with – for starters – their ambition to increase their market share in the Netherlands? Well, we stepped aboard and, after doing our research, concluded that the brand’s foundation was not robust enough to base a communication campaign on. 

Our solution

So, with the help of our Brand Impact methodology, we first established a durable and bulletproof brand foundation. What sets Travelbricks apart from the other booking agencies? Apart from a trip to the moon, you can book anything imaginable at Travelbricks. But the best thing is that you can also book activities at your chosen destination on their website. A very significant advantage, because, in the end, it is the little trips you make during your big trip that make your holiday unforgettable.    

The result

A national image campaign – TV, radio, and online – put Travelbricks on the map. Blue Dragon added the tagline ‘The Ultimate Booking Site’ to Travelbricks with the pay-off ‘meet the world’. Accompanied by the message: “The flight, the hotel, the local transportation… we know all that. But what will you actually do there? At Travelbricks you can search, find, and book it all.”