The challenge

How to present "factory automation" in a surprising and innovative way? That was the question Bosch Rexroth asked us. Factory what? Factory automation: a future where manufacturers can easily adapt to changing trends, meet shorter lead times, and quickly deliver customized products. Our task was to showcase Rexroth’s leading role in this market at the Hannover Messe (the world's most important industrial transformation fair).

Our solution

We developed the "Factory of the Future" communication concept through which Rexroth shows the potential of an automated future. To make it accessible and understandable, we gave the concept a face and so "The Enablers" were born. These 3D characters tell the sometimes difficult story of factory automation and show that a lot is already possible. Each character told its own accessible story based on technology concepts such as "connectivity", "simplicity" and "virtuality".

To tell this story in a distinctive and impressive way, we decided to create a music festival setting for the visitors. Different areas with product solutions, inspiring knowledge sessions and an exhibition show supported the real festival vibe. We also introduced relaxation through the "silent disco" and the meme generator.

The result

In addition to completely decorating the exhibition stand, we decided to present The Enablers as a band for this occasion. A song was written for each "Enabler" and each song received its own unique video clip.

In collaboration with composer/producer Roy Jansen, we produced six unique tracks, inspired by global hits from bands such as Queen, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Eminem, Metallica and Bruno Mars. We created the video clips together with our partner MainCourse. We launched everything at the Hannover Messe. Then it was rolled out worldwide across all available media. So why not watch, learn and sing-a-long!