Focus on creating new family happiness

Youth care can and must change. De Gezinsmanager knows this better than anyone thanks to their firm roots in youth care. Creating a long-lasting family situation in a timely and resolute manner. In the child’s best interest. That is the promise of De Gezinsmanager. The biggest difference with the established order is that De Gezinsmanager carries on where others give up. You can imagine that we clicked immediately.
Private individuals, professionals, educators, and governmental agencies: all are welcome at De Gezinsmanager. And they obviously have been feeling welcome because the inflow numbers continue to increase at an impressive rate. The perfect moment to prepare De Gezinsmanager for the future.   

Twelve paths

We helped De Gezinsmanager with the promotion of their services to a very diverse group of stakeholders, twelve to be precise. It was quite the challenge! Fortunately our agency is more than capable of working with one brand that aims to reach different target groups. Each group demands a different strategy and approach; that is professional advertising at its best. And we definitely do not shun requests for tailor-made marketing communication projects. 

Unburdening the social care sector

We raised their website and social media channels to the next level. We also started an online advertising campaign, provided support to face PR challenges, assisted the search for new partners, and so on. In fact doing for De Gezinsmanager what they do every single day in an XXL format: unburdening people. 
Truth be told, it is challenging at times. But we are always more than happy to help in creating new family happiness.