The challenge

There was a sudden change from the usual ‘put your phone away!’ to ‘grab your phone!’. The students of the ROC Twente studying to be critical care nurses were in a state of shock. A number of up to date professors at the ROC wanted to integrate a serious game into the program. The attention span of students is usually much less than


the regular lesson time and they cannot avoid reaching into their pockets for their smartphones. So why not let them just do it? Let them use their phones in a way that will actually benefit their education. Now that was a fun challenge for Blue Dragon’s game designers.


Our solution

Apparently the combination of playing and learning remains very efficient. Even when you’ve switched from diapers to adult underwear a long time ago! We developed the game ‘Serious Care’ to help students memorize content. The game consists of several so-called motivators that will stimulate the player into working harder and to learn how theory can be applied in practice. Teachers monitored the progress of each of their students and would adjust things when necessary. Each and every student can now learn at their own speed. 

The result

The game was a hit. We soon realized that students seemed to have a longer attention span when playing the game. So for the new school year we have introduced several new characters and functions, such as a pause button and more animations.