The challenge

GGD Hart voor Brabant can do its work with its eyes shut. That’s how well their strategy is defined. Internally they have everything going for them. But what is their mission and who are they doing it for? It was up to us to develop a vibrant brand concept.

Our solution 

Sometimes the answer is on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t see it… In cases like these, we rely on our Brand Impact methodology. This methodology is a cold-hearted assassin that will destroy any remnant of vagueness. It only took a single brand session with the vision group of GGD Hart voor Brabant to deliver that last piece of extra clarity about what the brand meant for them and for the target audience. 

The result

Blue Dragon developed the brand philosophy and the campaign Gezond² Doet Leven (literally ‘being healthy gives you a better life’). The objective: informing the people of Brabant in the Netherlands about the concept and offering them a healthy chance to both make and get the most out of their lives. We delivered a strong concept and added a little happiness and well-being to the world. Well, ok, at least to the province of Brabant!