The challenge 

Coffee king Selecta Netherlands had shown impressive growth and, as a result of this growth, was experiencing a serious shortage of Coffee Engineers. This did not really come as a surprise to us given our successful Mediocre Coffee Hotline campaign. We knew that it could be a struggle to find professional engineers in the current tight labour market. Selecta asked us to start a recruitment offensive that would bring about exceptional results. 

Our solution 

Given the request, time, and budget, we decided to take the campaign 100% online. Based on a simple but powerful concept. The conversations with Selecta left us with the impression that the new Coffee Engineers would really be their saviours in a time of need. Just think about it. What would you do if the coffee machine at the office broke? Total chaos would probably ensue! So we used this idea for the campaign. Every Coffee Engineer should be treated as a hero. 

The result 

We developed the Hero of the Day concept and rolled it out on Google Display, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With special attention for photocopier engineers: perhaps they would like to become a coffee engineer? And guess what? It only took three weeks for Selecta Netherlands to get the desired amount of applications through Whatsapp and their website. 

Not long after this campaign, Selecta was looking to hire some temporary engineers. And why reinvent the wheel when so much excellent work had already been done? So we ran the same campaign in a slightly adjusted format and, again, achieved great success. Once again, it took just a few weeks for the campaign to deliver the results they needed. Brilliant!