The Bossche WoonBoulevard is an association of different stores that are located together in ’s-Hertogenbosch. This club was looking for a refreshing and new external party that could help them in attracting more visitors to their 50,000 square meters of home inspiration. As the winner of the pitch, and their neighbor, we proved to be the ideal party to boost the shopping boulevard’s online image.     

A better online experience

To provide The Bossche WoonBoulevard with a little more panache, we subtly applied some fresh details to their existing house style. This new house style was then further integrated into the website, social media channels, the newsletter, and other online communication channels. 

We also took full control of their social media channels, including content creation and web care. We focused on the development of qualitatively sound content such as inspiring blog articles, social media posts, and creative entertaining emails.  

We Like

The results have shown that people want to know more about The Bossche Woonboulevard. Almost 35% of the newsletter recipients opened the newsletter, a huge improvement compared to just 17% in the previous year. And only three months of ‘page like’ campaigning on Facebook generated an additional 300 new followers for the page. The organic social media results were also excellent with a new engagement rate of 6.72% compared to 2.28% in 2019. And there’s more to come!