The challenge

The Central and West Brabant Safety Region (VRMWB) was sick and tired of the limited impact that their campaigns were having in raising safety awareness in the region. They were hungry for more, and something that would have more impact. That is of course the moment we jumped in to introduce ourselves.

Our solution

So, exactly what am I supposed to do when my house is on fire? And what should I do when the civil defence siren sounds? Most people do not have the slightest idea. So we needed to increase safety awareness on a structural level. VRMWB accepted the responsibility and presented the region with a refreshing wake-up call. 

The result

We developed the ‘Vooropletters’ safety first concept. For this we built many different awareness campaigns. For example, during the fire prevention weeks, we introduced the theme ‘close your doors’. We also ran a regional guerrilla strategy campaign. This included installing a bright red rood on a square in Etten-Leur, the fire brigade blaring their sirens in a random street, and a mayor in a great hurry. 

In fact, the impact of our dragon’s fire can still be felt.