The challenge 

Wellinq is a developer and producer of complex medical equipment and sensor technology. They specialise in vascular innovations. In the field of technology, Wellinq can compete with the major players in the world. But despite this, their success was hardly noticeable from their brand and communication. So, it was up to us to correct this misrepresentation.

Our solution 

Tell us what really drives you and we’ll be able to see your true self. And no, this does not involve a crystal ball. But it does involve our, guaranteed to be effective, Brand Impact methodology. So we followed the steps. Brand research, brand challenge (much deliberation), and eventually crowned it with a new brand concept that is irresistible. 

The result 

Wellinq, no matter what. The new concept has it all: professionalism, drive, and international appeal. We began the great seduction with a brand movie in a cosmopolitan setting. And complemented it with online and offline advertising campaigns. That allowed Blue Dragon to provide Wellinq with the flair it needed to engage in many new sustainable relationships.