The question

Multinational HAPERT Trailers has been a regular customer of ours for a while now. A while ago, we designed a tough-looking logo, optimized their website, and formulated an ambitious new proposition. Now we have a real challenge: generating leads for more than 150 HAPERT dealers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

The solution

Our idea: to give dealers a complete online marketing package that will take care of all their worries. Objective: a 100% focus on getting dealers to sell their trailers. And no wasting energy with ad hoc advertising initiatives. To persuade clients of HAPERT’s power, we relied on our pull factor strategy. This generated higher demand. We followed this with the push factor strategy in which we presented the ‘new’ HAPERT across various different distribution channels. But here we took the shortest route: presenting products extensively on the web while redirecting clients directly to the nearest dealer. 

The result

The number of qualitative leads for dealers spiked up 71% (and is still going strong!). The bounce rate decreased from 80% to 30% and we succeeded in realizing a lead percentage of 3.7% through display advertising. What a fantastic result!