The challenge

A couple of years ago, we made sure that Voldaan, a debt collection agency, got off to a flying start. This company brought happiness to many small and medium sized entrepreneurs by getting payments arranged within 24 hours. But always with respect, as they themselves stressed, because they are a traditional Dutch company with a unique identity. This club was ready to start tackling more unpaid invoices with a campaign that would stand out. It went without saying that this campaign would be a little bit goofy. 

Our solution

Blue Dragon immediately went into a state of hyperactivity. We decided that our main theme would be music. We adjusted the lyrics of some classic Dutch hits to fit with the Voldaan message. The rewritten Dutch hits were sung by people from the target audience. A series of radio commercials, online videos, display advertising, social media advertising, and homepage takeovers, led to a very successful result.

Voldaan also wanted to attract the various Dutch banks. They felt that getting additional liquidity shouldn’t pose a real problem for the self-employed and small businesses. So for the banks we devised an original radio commercial which was also based on a classic hit. In addition to this, we placed a full-page advertisement in the main Dutch financial and business newspaper. A sympathetic guerrilla tactic was the icing on the cake - a small band that played the specially rewritten songs outside all the major banks.

The result

The campaign was highly successful and generated 200% additional leads compared to the previous year. A result that needs no further comment.