The challenge

Software master Empirion figured it had some catching up to do on the technological front and that it was high time for a brand-new website. So, we set up a good old fashioned Blue Dragon brainstorming session to help uncover their objectives, identity, and brand experience. This resulted in an exciting assignment for which we had to reinvent their brand, accompanied by a new brand concept.    

Our solution

If you want something different, you’ll definitely get that with us. We carefully scrutinized the Empirion brand and concluded that actually it needed a completely new brand name to do proper justice to this unique company. Because Empirion is not your typical software company. It actually brings happiness and joy to the office. A new brand concept, campaign, and design quickly followed.  

The result

Empirion was given an unforgettable name: Otherside. That’s because these people aren’t your typical nerds, but strive to make other professionals happy. And in order to make that happen, they deliver software for a fair price. The new brand base, together with an enormous entrepreneurial drive, resulted in significant growth.