The challenge 

After successfully launching ‘Gouverneur’, the specialty beers line of Lindeboom beers, it was time to put the new beers in the spotlight. We started by developing a very special product campaign for the Gouverneur Stout op Hout beer. Our objective: creating “rumour around the product” and increasing sales in the hospitality industry and retail sector. 

Our solution

We decided to go for a completely different approach for a beer product campaign. So while brainstorming, we had the idea that the term ‘dark’ is relevant for a dark beer in the dark days of autumn. We also appreciated that you taste beer better and with more intensity with  your eyes shut - so in the dark. And we also understood that the first associations that Dutch people will have with the word ‘stout’ (‘stout’ meaning ‘naughty’ in Dutch), and therefore decided to take it a step further. 


The result

During the campaign ‘In the dark you drink Stout’, we challenged the drinkers of this beer to drink it in the dark. To make this possible for people who were drinking the beer at home or in a pub, we threw in a free blindfold for every Gouverneur Stout that was purchased. 

The blindfold came with a promotion code with which you could win a trip to the darkness of Lapland in northern Finland or one of 200 cinema vouchers. We took care of the promotion website, the original and distinctive packaging, displays, and online exposure. The senses of beer lovers have definitely been sharpened.