The challenge

For decades, anyone who talked about safety shoes would mention Bata Industrials. But then the globally renowned brand started to lose some ground to its competitors. Something which was unnecessary as Bata had an extremely solid foundation. But it was clear that something had to be done to restore their image, to be valued again, recognized, and eventually purchased. We decided to take a dangerous and unconventional road.   

Our solution

Blue Dragon concluded that Bata still had what it took to be ahead of the pack, as opposed to the manufacturers of sloppy flip-flops. The board and management of Bata Industrials formed a brand vision group and studied our Brand Impact methodology. Then, together, we developed a ruthless plan. Meanwhile, Bata was working on new collections.

The result

We gave the brand a confidence boost. We sent the turtle from the old logo into early retirement. And with a healthy dose of arrogance, we claimed the phrase ‘The Safety Shoe’. We also worked out some other ideas originating from the ‘seriously safe’ theme. We put together an original and eye-catching stand for the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf that incorporated the Club Safety theme. And to raise awareness, we launched a high-end ‘foot for thought’ image campaign. Then a robust product campaign called ‘Boost Master Bob’. Bata Industrials has regained its grip on the market.