The challenge

After years of hard work, attorney’s office Banning rests on a very strong foundation. It also consciously postponed its strategic repositioning until it had properly optimized its internal organisation. So, after having patiently waited all that time, the revived and ambitious Banning asked us to future-proof their brand and communication. And that’s exactly what we excel at. 

Our solution

As we expected, there was plenty of work to do. We began with brand sessions that were stimulating and energetic. The gowns went back into the wardrobe and the board and management spoke openly about their past, present, and future. The Banning DNA came to light. Conversations were held about passions, history, challenges, the impact of decisions, etc. A new brand concept would lead to a completely new and different Banning.    

The result

As there is no simple recipe-for-all approach that would do justice to Banning, we came up with the proposition ‘This Is How We Do It’. Basically we were saying: this is the way it is and nothing else. You truly have to experience it to understand it. The campaign focused on the challenges that are pursued by each and every Banning attorney. Cases that really require them to roll up their sleeves and work hard. We illustrated this strong desire for a challenge in the website’s images: Banning attorneys in the most impossible physical positions. The brand concept was received with great enthusiasm. Banning is now ready to face all the challenges of the next decade.