BMW and MINI: a surprisingly successful alliance. This has been demonstrated by the six successful branches of the automotive company Ekris. This automotive giant asked us to join their marketing team. They were looking for our help to create a user-friendly webstore. Wanted: qualitative leads and a higher conversion rate. Our reply: let’s hit that accelerator pedal. 

A thriving webstore

First we built a website that was suitable for e-commerce. The website had a neat number plate search engine. Then, with the clever use of data, we made it possible to show visitors only the parts that were relevant for their cars. This comes in quite handy as there are more than half a million available parts online. We then got our hands on the online marketing steering wheel.   


Would we also be willing to help them increase the revenue generated by their webstore in the Netherlands (and Belgium and Germany) for both brands? Of course! The German market required a completely different approach because of the high level of their competitors. Ekris had some strict guidelines for their marketing approach, but we managed to find our freedom within these boundaries.  




Online hunt

We generated an increase in revenue of 37% for the webstore. What was needed was a thorough optimization of the website, online advertising, and clever online content. And we don’t let go of those webstore visitors who are holding back: with dynamic retargeting, we continue our hunt for higher conversion rates. Continuous website optimization and targeted online marketing campaigns will ensure that more and more BMW and MINI enthusiasts will follow.