Marketing automation

Marketing automation: the cheerleader that gets your customers over the line

Getting your customer to convert is sometimes like an elite sport. But marketing automation can lend a hand. Scoring is easier than ever with our handy marketing automation software and tools. You learn to walk with your customer before you know them, so you can see the steps they are taking and so be there at exactly the right time to help them cross that finish line. Because, thanks to marketing automation, you are able to offer exactly the right content at the right time. And also in the right order. No chasing people with a clipboard and a pen. Everything is automated and personal. 

Preparing your visitor for a purchase

On average, people normally need quite a few contact moments before proceeding to a purchase or request. If someone sees you pass by once, it won’t necessarily help you. But that is exactly why we employ marketing automation: you regularly provide your visitors with new information in order to move them a little further towards the conversion. How? Well, for example like this::

  • Send targeted emails that are completely tailored to the interests of each recipient.
  • Create dynamic landing pages and forms that adjust themselves automatically based on the interests, wishes and behavior of each visitor.
  • Make your blog dynamic, so that the content perfectly matches the visitors; who they are, what topics they are interested in, and how they behave on and use your website.
  • Manage all your social media accounts in one place and automate the desired actions based on social interactions.
  • Follow your leads on all conceivable devices and use the insights gained to optimize the content and design of your website.
  • Send personalized messages to your most important leads.

The right tools for your marketing automation

Marketing automation offers a thousand and one possibilities - especially for creative marketers. But that's also the pitfall. Because if you don't do it properly, the recipient becomes irritated and leaves. But we have marketing automation software that makes your process run smoothly. And all in a fun, friendly and playful way.

Do you want to know what marketing automation would look like for you? And how we get your customers from the 'keep me informed' form to actually making an order? Fill in the form ... no, in fact just call us or send us an email!