You must be an absolute master of your craft to get the whole of the Netherlands baking delicious food. But Master Baker Robèrt van Beckhoven managed to do just that. Robèrt tasked Blue Dragon with taking care of his online marketing together with his own team. It was a delightful treat as Robèrt wanted to promote everything he had to offer: 

  • The brand and the person that is Robèrt
  • Robèrt’s bakery
  • Robèrt’s ‘Magazine Meesterlijk’ 
  • Courses and workshops B’academie
  • Restaurant Keuken van Leer

With the master himself as a figurehead. And that is exactly what we have delivered. 

Online blend

We set a strategy for each target audience and ensured a dynamic in which each separate campaign element would reinforce each other. To attract more visitors to the restaurant, we invested a lot of our time in online search advertisements, display advertising and SEO, and distributed them evenly throughout the country and provinces. For the promotion of the courses and Robèrt’s magazine, we committed fully to advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and other online channels.  


The online campaigns delivered the results we hoped for. The long-term optimization of the Search campaigns decreased the bounce rate by about 37%. At the same time, the number of page views we got for each session increased by more than 70%. This means that website visitors are hanging around for much longer than before. We also analyzed the checkout processes and now better understand the aspects of the website which could be improved.


The biggest draw appeared to be the picture of the master himself. Robèrt is doing extremely well and we are very proud of that.  

A selection of the results:

  • Click-through rates of more than 15%
  • Costs per click decreased by 87%
  • Number of total orders increased by 52%