The challenge

Technology expert Centric wanted everyone in its group of international companies to come together under one single name: Centric. It was therefore crucial that all the companies’ communication was uniform and homogenized into a characteristic Centric style. It fell to us to fulfil their request and to lead the project. 

Our solution

We exposed an international vision group, consisting of sixteen people, to our Brand Impact methodology. The session was extremely interesting as it gathered together various experts with a true instinct for brands in one room. We all went on a quest to discover the common denominator of all the companies involved. And we found it. We then tested the output of the session against the vision of an international mirror group. We wanted to make sure that everyone was onboard with it. The new brand orientation was set in the Brand Challenge; our starting point for any further development of the brand concept. 

The result

We developed the ‘connect.engage.succeed’ brand philosophy and campaign. A concept where the focus lies on behavior. One which tells the story of how Centric connects with people, shows engagement, and cooperates to succeed in any project they take on. And the best thing of all, is that this concept works both internally and externally. Centric has activated its new identity and the campaign has been well received all around the world.