The challenge

The mega motorcycle clothing outlet was doing well, but not well enough. They wanted every biker to know their name. Besides that, they were also looking to generate a higher conversion rate for their webstore. We decided to fully commit to the mega principle to achieve that. 


Our solution

We examined customer behavior on the website and analyzed the different customer journeys. We employed the customer journey model See-Think-Do-Care and applied its first three steps. See requires more investment in building up your brand awareness. For Think we wanted to give customers more persuasive proof that would enable and consolidate top-of-mind awareness. And for Do, we wanted to draw customers to our side and generate a higher conversion rate. We attracted the target audience to the website with a clean, attractive, and optimized website in UX design. And to measure the effect on physical visits to the stores, we went for GPS tracking. 

The result

Within a year, revenue increased by 35% compared to the previous year! One in twenty people from the target audience that had seen the advertisement visited the webstore. And a nice addition to our track record: every euro spent on advertising contributed to € 21.76 in extra revenue. Hell yeah!