SEO: more results without the need to advertise

You can have a really beautiful website but if no one can find it, it’s no use to you. SEO optimization makes your website easier for visitors to find because search engines such as Google like an SEO-technically optimized website, a good user experience and relevant SEO content. This means that you appear in the top results of the search engine and that gives you more visitors and therefore leads to more results.

SEO sells – You’d better believe it!

Most people like to be secretive about SEO. But we are different from most people. We are more transparent than Plexiglas and are happy to give you a glimpse into what we do to get you those top positions in search engines.

Technical optimization

With some websites, it takes a whole commercial break before everything is properly loaded or before you have found the right page. During that time, your visitor has long since gone and done their shopping at your competitor. Technical optimization gives you a website that can be easily found and actually works well.

SEO copywriting    

People in different regions often have their own local language and words for things. So it’s important to know what your target group is looking for and the words and terminology they are going to use to find you. Then it's time for some good SEO copy. And no over-optimized texts that even make search engines uncomfortable, but nice readable texts with the search terms in exactly the right places.

Link building        

Link building is brilliant, because the digital knife cuts both ways. If other valuable websites link to yours, Google will recognize that you have something special to offer. How do we get that done? By approaching parties that could help you. Would they be prepared to post a recommendation in exchange for a free sample? Can someone share the link to your interview? Google will then value your website more and the readers of that other website will come into contact with your brand, product(s) and/or service(s). It’s all about winning!

User experience (UX) optimization

We will deliver a website that actually comes as a relief for your target group in terms of user-friendliness. One where your visitor will come across anything except for the products or information they are looking for. That also makes Google happy, because it sees that your visitors can find exactly what they are looking for. We monitor the behavior of your visitors, map their feedback and test, experiment, and optimize.

Optimum scores through SEO

We deliver a total package. Because you shouldn’t expect miracles just from being number one in a search engine. If you have a thousand visitors a day, but nobody buys anything or contacts you, then it’s all been a waste of time. In that case, it’s actually better to have just ten visitors who do all convert. We work with you to turn your digital online home base into a conversion hit. Simply because it's possible.